Wednesday 2 March 2016

NOTD: Maybelline Color Show 5th Avenue Mattes "Traffic Stop"

Holy crap I *love* this!!!

I was in Tesco with my li'l Bro after picking him up from the airport yesterday and we browsed the beauty bit (well, I was, my brother couldn't care less...)

I just saw this, picked it up and just, bought it. What an amazing red! :) Then realised it was a matte. OMG even better; really don't have anything like this! Totally worth £3.99.

I did 2 coats here over base coat. The formula is thin but so easy to apply. I must say it is weirdly sheer-ish, if you hate VNL you may have issues here. Usually mattes are very opaque so I was surprised, but the formula I feel I get a good finish with 2 coats :) I skipped top coat. The finish dries to a satin finish, very lovely.

This is probably going to make it into my Top Ten nail polishes this year, for the colour alone never mind the good formula and the fact it's an interesting finish.

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