Friday 4 March 2016

RAPID REVIEW: Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb

I still have very dry skin, and I've been looking for something other than Diprobase to put on my face... I can only use it for so long before the paraffins start irritating me. 

I saw this by chance in Superdrug and obviously went for it! The promise that it will rehydrate for 24hrs, hydrate 10 layers of skin (scientifically the epidermis only has 4/5 layers but let's not nit-pick...) and plump your fine lines was just too alluring!

All the claims aside, the products do deliver! As I explain in the video, the day cream has a texture similar to a sun lotion, and the night cream feels like a Japanese sleeping pack, both very comfortable on parched skin. The day cream is great under makeup. They do what you expect in terms of how much they seem to moisturise and there is no real scent to the products which is nice.

They have a long ingredients lists, so I have included the photos (I love when bloggers post these, as some brands don't always show the ingredients list on their website):
Day Moisturiser
Night Moisturiser

The only thing I don't like is the packaging design. The pump bottle is very hygienic and practical; the tub is crap. I wish they had packaged both products in the pump bottle and made the design a bit more luxe. I know price may go up but they're worth it; ditch the blue and the weird pomegranate bits, Garnier!

Overall these are a phenomenal find at £7.99 each and if you have dry skin I urge you to give these a go! Cover the packaging design with washi tape if need be to make it prettier on your bathroom shelf :)

- Do what they claim!
- Price point and availability
- Texture and scent very nice

- The design for the packaging and the tub for the cream (unhygienic)

Check out the Rapid Review video here:

No, this post is NOT sponsored and I bought these products myself!

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