Wednesday, 23 March 2016

LIFE ADMIN: My fave Android apps

Going paperless and wireless is my life ambition right now. Having a powerful smartphone and a 10.1" tablet has been big steps towards getting there. I've always been tech savvy and believe if you understand technology, you can make it work for you instead of making you feel enslaved by it.

So I wanted to start the new 'Life Admin' theme off by giving you my fave apps and why the work for me! I won't link to these, as everyone uses different platforms I felt you can just search the name in your app store.

I will say right now that I have never owned a Mac product/iPhone/iPad
so I don't know how these apps work on that platform!

Kindle / Zinio
I love both books and magazines and this gives me an (un)healthy amount of both to take with me literally everywhere! And reduces the need for a new lounge table when our old one finally collapses under the weight of my accumulated reading materials...

Everyone needs a task managing app. I found that this works for me, and I have paid for the premium version. It is multi-platform too so you can use it on your device, your laptop and even in your Outlook!

Google Calendar (Android only)
It syncs with a lot of other calendars like Facebook which is handy. Usually I use my work Outlook account for calendar things, so I only use this to track home appointments.

Since I discovered this handwriting note taking app I have used it successfully for copious note taking, both with and without a stylus. I love how you can export to .pdf (so I can share with everyone) or even save the raw editable format to my Dropbox for posterity. I paid the nominal fee to get unlimited notebooks. I will do a separate 'Life Admin' post for tablet accessories such as the stylus.

Dropbox has successfully been my cloud storage for the last few years. The main thing I use it for is automatic upload of my smartphones' photos. I tend to keep files on Dropbox that I wish to have access to 'wherever' but it's definitely not my main digital filing; for that I use external hard drives. It works seamlessly between my Windows computer, laptop and all my Android devices.

Acrobat Reader
Being able to read .pdf is essential. It is a truly cross platform file format and a life saver if you want to take large reference documents on the go (such as legislation or manuals!).

Blogger (Android only)
Because I like to be able to quickly post things on the go on my phone! :)

What's your favourite 'life admin' app??

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