Sunday 9 May 2010

NOTD: Nails Inc "Diet Coke: London"

What was I thinking?? Nude/greige creme, when I have such awesome choices as Topshop "Copper Coated" and "Carry on camping"?? Well, I don't know, been really suffering from my recently bruised ribs after all that gardening yesterday (I couldn't even get out of bed and couldn't sleep for my sore back and midriff)... I think I may just be ill, hehe.

It's a nice polish though! Same buttery smooth Nails Inc formula as ever, and this is 2 perfect coats and top coat. I like it. Maybe will look better if I'd not broken a nail today doing the vegetables for roast chicken... Damn you potato peeler from IKEA!!! Never mind, it's done, I just have to suffer for a while until it grows out. This is one of 4 different colours that you get free right now when you buy 2 500ml Diet Coke bottles from Boots! But this was the only unique colour so I got this one.

Anyway, I will do my first "face" with my new Topshop makeup tomorrow, so stay tuned for a FOTD tomorrow night! :)

1 comment:

KarenD said...

Diet Coke and nail polish--two of my favorite things! Whoever thought this up needs to be transfered to the U.S. immediately so we can get promos like this.