Saturday 8 May 2010

TopShop Haul!

So Topshop finally launched their makeup on May 5th, and I of course was quick to order (none of the Aberdeen stores carry the range)! And I am glad I did, both the limited edition nail polishes I got look amazing, especially the rich copper one! The green nail polish looked fairly standard on the website but I couldn't resist the name - "Carry on camping".. However, I don't own any colour like it! The khol, "Petrol", is a rich cool blue-green colour, and the Tint is a lovely berry that looks really good as a cheek/lip colour on me. Skin Tint is yet to be tried, but I will review it as soon as I can! I am still debating which nail colour to try first but I think it might be the pink one, "Sunset"...

Been told the reinstatement works of our flat will start on Monday and last approximately 8 weeks. Woohoo!! Soon I can go home :D I spent most of the morning weeding and tidying up the garden at my house and planting some Lily of the valley for next year, so I can spend tomorrow on my bike! Here's hoping it won't rain!

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