Monday 15 February 2010

NOTD: Rimmel 60sec "Funtime Fuschia"

Everyone's got a fave nail polish that they can rely on to provide a perfect manicure every time. Rimmel's "Funtime Fuschia" is mine. You've seen this polish twice now, I think my old photo is a lot better than this one, the real life colour is more like my old photo.

This is a hot fuschia jelly polish, not too cool nor too warm, with a juicy sweet shine! This is 2 coats over Sally Hansen No More Breaks (my nails are a peeling disaster - I am desperate!) and a slick of Sally Hansen MegaShine top coat.

Also, Sweden won their first Gold medal in Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics! Go, Sweden! :)

1 comment:

Zeke said...

Yup, the old photo is the better one. You need to find a place with better lighting. The color is very you, though.