Saturday 20 February 2010

REVIEW: Nailene Artificial Nail & Polish Remover

I decided to soak off my long artificial nails and bought this to try, as I've not got my soak off trays handy due to the flooding of the house.

This is apparently "professional strength", and it's certainly smells like it! The jar is fairly large, but it's got an insert with a hole lined with plastic bristles. It kind of reminds me of a Sarlacc hole from Star Wars...

1) To quicken the process of soaking off, clip the long tips off and scuff the surface of the nail with a coarse grit nail file to break up the protective top glazing of the fakies.

2) Then put one finger at a time into the hole. Sit and soak it for about 3 minutes, then start moving the finger up and down and the plastic and glue will rub off.

3) Check that all the plastic and glue is actually off by wiping the nail with cotton saturated with nail polish remover. Proceed with next finger.

Soaking off a whole set of artificial nails will take 30-45 mins. I don't recommend this product for acrylics, it would take hours to do.

All and all, quite pleased with this! The RRP is £5.99 but you can use it again, just top up with pure acetone or Elegant Touch Get 'em off! artificial nail remover if it starts to get low on remover fluid.

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