Sunday 7 February 2010

Creme de la creme of nail polish

From top left: MAC "Rougemarie", Illamasqua "Rampage", No 7 "Totally teal", OPI "Jade is the new black" and Misa "Dirty sexy money".

Bottom from left: OPI "Can you dig it?, NYC "Downtown", Essie "Angora Cardi", 17 "Smoke signal", Barry M "Grey", Chanel "Particuliere", Barbara Daly "Whimsey" and China Glaze "Innocence".

Hello all! I got the lovely OPI "Jade is the new black" from the new Hong Kong collection on Friday, and I started thinking about all the other muted cremes I am loving right now and that are lurking in my Helmer. So here it is, the collection that should totally be made - "Creme de la creme"! Excuse the over-exposure, the light in Aberdeen is very dim in winter and makes photgraphy of nail polish less than easy.

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jaljen said...

I would like Jade is the New Black and I badly need to get Misa DSM. I love Misa.
I love muted, dusty, dirty mid-shades. I want Barielle June Bug and RBL Spongebob and Starfish but I never shall get them I am sure.
I also want a really dirty yellow but haven't found one yet. I think these cremes are very flattering and wearable.
I don't have Particuliere but I do have CG Channelesque and I love it.
Nice post!