Monday 22 February 2010

REVIEW: L'Oreal Perfect Clean Foaming Cream Wash

You know, a shop is only as good as the person deciding on the stock... I have a favourite Superdrug in Aberdeen (well, there is only 2 of them...) and I always seem to find new brands/products there first in this City. They seem to always be ahead when it comes to the stock levels; the other shop is couple of weeks later getting everything. Anyway it was in this shop I saw the L'Oreal's new cleanser last week, this is the first time I've ever seen it, although I can find blogs online reviewing this from end of January. And on offer too - £2.99 instead of the RRP £4.99. Sweet! :)

Perfect Clean is called 360 Clean in the USA. It's probably been out for a while "over there"?.. It comes with a little rubbery pad with tiny rubbery bristles called "the Scrublet" and a handle with a suction cup on the back. I am always sceptical with new gadgety products, but this is a gem of thing!!

I have dry and sensitive skin and found the cleanser formula slightly drying, although it did take off my makeup brilliantly. The formula is a tiny bit too runny to stay on the Scrublet if you blob it on the pad as instructed; if you apply to face then buff with Scrublet to foam it works a lot better. But perhaps I was a bit over-zealous with the amount, ahem..

So in terms of cleanser formula, it's ok, 3 stars of 5. However...

I LOVE the Scrublet! This seriously has got to be the find of the year. I am going to continue using it with Soap & Glory Hot Cloth Cleanser instead. L'Oreal please please release the Scrublet by itself - it's amazing! The cleanser itself isn't anything special but this little buddy is!! Save the Scrublet from obscurity and release it independently! Scrublet - 5 of 5 stars!

My foot has officially got an infection in the surgical wound so I am on antibiotics at the moment and it hurts. Plus on top of everything I have had a bad cold since Thursday, so the antibiotics isn't doing much for my foot... My mum was obviously feeling sorry for me however - she went out and hunted down Isadora's new collection in Sweden, and a couple of nail polishes from the Depend nail polish spring release, including the green! Thanks mum!! :)

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Rachel said...

I saw this in Tesco yesterday and bought the exfoliating (which smells lovely and tangy!). I'm LOVING the scrublet :D