Friday, 3 October 2008

Review - TangleTeezer

I was quite late to discover this mighty hair gadget. I saw it on Rocketqueen's blog and decided that I might want to try it. I have very dry and fragile, frizz-ridden naturally blonde hair that is most unwilling to be brushed, especially after blowdrying. I bought the pink version (OK I am a sucker for pink items) online at the manufacturer and official stockist. It comes in at £9.99 + P&P each. When it arrived and I proudly showed it to my brother, he thought it was a dog or a horse grooming brush!!

It claimed on the website that you could brush your hair in one sweep. Rubbish. This must be just marketing talk. I tried it, expecting tears. No tears. No tearing. Just the hedgehog brush gliding through my windswept, knotty hair! Amazing!! That's never happened before! :) It glides equally well through my wet, freshly washed hair :)
I started using this just after I got my hair cut. That was 4 weeks ago. I still have no split ends :) Usually by now my hair is a frizzy mess. I can get used to this :) Maybe now I will once again try and grow my hair longer :)

I am a convert. There are no other brushes in my house anymore. Buy one, you will never regret it. I just wish my mum had this when I was young and she was brushing my hair :( There was a reason I always had short hair before...

Also, if you have a long-haired pet dog, I am sure this brush will also be a treat to use on them :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi! I just wanted to say that you've inspired me to buy one of these. I bought a purple glitter one. Can't wait for it to arrive!