Friday 10 October 2008

Review - MOP Pear Body Wash

I've been obsessing about fruit lately. I am very promiscuous when it comes to beauty products but I have bought the MOP Pear shampoo and detangler a couple of times, and actually used the whole bottles! That's saying something in terms of the greatness of beauty products :)

I recently discovered that they do a Pear body wash as well! I purchased myself a bottle, of course, after debating the price. These retail for £8.45 a bottle, so it isn't your bog standard soap.

It has a yummy, sweet yet slightly astringent pear smell that really appeals to me. The texture is a thick gel, and it lathers up nicely into a sweet foam that hasn't left my upper arms flaky, which usually happens.

I like this :) Very much. Just the thing for winter if your skin gets drier and more sensitive in the colder months. I now also wish they did a Pear body lotion! I give this 4 stars out of 5, mainly because it is very pricey.

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