Monday 13 October 2008

LOTD - Maybelline Superstay PowerGloss "Radiant Ruby #550"

The lips of the day is here! :D I am into my red lips at the moment, so I will start to post some LOTD or Lips Of The Day here. First out is the new lip gloss combo from Maybelline Superstay PowerGloss. I chose a shade of red that is quite flat and boring in the tube but really comes to life on the lips. And it's not supershimmery or glittery so you look like you've been eating Christmas tree baubles.. At first I was a bit disappointed about the colour as you see on my lips here:

I basically dotted it on and worked it into the lip. Don't think that was very successful, as the colour was very light. But look at that gorgeous gloss! The next day I applied it as it was supposed to be applied; gloop it on! Then slick the gloss extender on. Yowser! I like :) Red glossy goodness but not porn star red! So technically, you could go more or less colourful by working it into the lip before you put the gloss extender on.

It lasted 1 grande latte, 1 yogurt, 2 slices of buttered toast, 1 bag of carrot sticks and houmous and a cinnamon bun. That is a grand total of nice, glossy lips even past 3 o'clock in the afternoon! It takes a lot to impress me with lippy. I am not usually a lips person (I hate when my hair gets stuck to it). But wow. I am impressed! This baby gets 5 of 5 stars for colour, wear and wow-factor :)

I found this video on youTube, shows you how is supposed to go on - real thick, then gloop on the gloss :)

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