Thursday, 30 October 2008

NOTD - Bloom "Isla"

Wow, this bright and cheery purple creme beauty from Australian cosmetics company Bloom is a true stunner. I walked into Superdrug, saw it in the display and immidiately knew I had to have it. It retails for a whopping £8, so not your average drugstore brand price!!

This is the blurb that they give about the polishes on the Bloom website: "With pigments sourced from around the world, a professional two-coat formula and an incredible 330-strand brush, our nail polish will hold its colour and shine for days."

So, in reality, how was it for me? I love the bottle top, its rubbery and smooth, providing excellent grip. Bottle is standard ColorClub-ish looking thing but logo is funky. Application for this polish is good, not awesome, but good. With the spiel on the website of "300-strand brush" I guess I kind of expected a religious experience :) Two coats gives a nice opaque coverage. Drying time is a bit longer than I have the patience for so I slapped on a coat of Seche Vite (holy frijoles, I love that stuff). The end result is amazing. I frickin' love this polish!! I can see myself wearing it a lot, especially in the summer. The colour in the photo seems more pink than purple, but I just couldn't get it right for some reason. Stupid cameras!

There was only 8 colours in the shop (of which one was out of stock) but they appear to have a large selection on their website, including some intriguing blues and greens. "Isla" is not as dark in real life as it is on the website, in fact it looks like a little bit of a cross between OPI "Can you dig it?" and Zoya "Juicy".

Bloom also had a great looking range of eye creams and such which I am a sucker for but they were too pricey just to buy-to-try, but Bloom is a brand I will need to investigate more! :)

Bloom Cosmetics


Marie said...


I am the Bloom brand manager in the Uk and I am delighted that you like our products.
I love the nail polishes too (Josephine, blue black is my super favourite) and I want to extend the range here.
If you could tell me what colour you would like to find in the UK, I would more than happy to oblige. I have to find 6 new ones for early next year. I was thinking more purple and metallic, what do you think?

Many thanks in advance for your help,


Lina-Elvira said...

Hi Marie! I am so chuffed you're asking my opinion on colours :) One that I am dying to get my hands on is Bianca - the peacock green. I think that the metallics are going to be a hit, I love the looks of Josephine, Billie, Bonnie, Goldie and Lucille as well :) Many thanks again for commenting on my blog, I love nail polish and am always so happy to see I am not alone!

Marie said...

cool thanks! I had a crush on Goldie and Lucille too. And god Bianca looks nice.
I will let you know te final call :)