Sunday 13 October 2013

NOTD: Topshop "Copper Coated"

In a softer light
I felt like something autumnal again and whilst tidying up my Helmers today I found this copper flakie :) Awesome! I decided to put some bling on it as well. Please excuse the poor paint job but this polish is surprisingly runny... This is 2 coats with a bit of nail glue to secure the jewels and a thick coat of Megashine. I love how it has little copper flakies in it, makes it feel cosy and warm :) I decided to take a photo of this in the normal spotlight from the kitchen and also in the soft lighting in the bathroom - you can really see how lovely and 'flakie' the polish is under soft light!

While I was tidying up my Helmers I realised just how many Sinful Color polishes I have! I used to get them exclusively from America before Boots started selling them and I appear to have two duplicate buys - I have two of "Show Me The Way" and "Call You Later". But as this video of my Sinful stash shows, the old and the new formula of "Show Me The Way" are completely different polish colours?! I prefer the old formula (the one on the left) which is the one I got in a swap from America couple of years ago.

I am looking forward to Halloween manicures, I think I will start them next week :) I have got some ideas for 'faux nails' from my old pal Zeke the Evil Beech which we will be working on as well, and I will share our progress on here. I have also managed to score a primo indie nail polish and a very hard to find Revlon (in UK) from America which I hope will arrive in a couple of weeks!

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Tamit24 said...

this combo looks very nice!