Tuesday, 22 October 2013

NOTD: Revlon Parfumerie "Wintermint"

OMG it arrived :D I was so stoked when I saw the little red card from the post man yesterday!! I wanted to put it on immediately but stuff got in the way...

Bright light

Softer light
This is 2 coats without top coat. I might put on 3 coats next time? It dries quite quickly actually, maybe from the frosty texture? And it does already smell vaguely of mint when you apply it. But once it's dry, this smells like a freshly opened pack of After Eights (if you've not experienced this, it's a must-try!). I am LOVING this polish, I feel so lucky having been able to score this from America - absolutely gorgeous colour, completely unique in my extensive collection and the smell is such a novelty!

Of course, I had to try layering it with a glossy top coat to seal in the shimmer... And it still smells of mint even with top coat :) I love this - I really hope Revlon brings out this range in the UK, I think it would definitely sell like hot cakes!

This is a definite 'add' to the Top Ten Polishes of the Year list :)

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