Tuesday, 15 October 2013

NOTD: Isadora China Nail Art "Hot Pot"

I won a Facebook giveaway by Isadora a couple of weeks ago and the parcel with 3 bottles of their new China Nail Art polish arrived today :D I am so stoked - I got this one, "Chop Sticks" and "Shantung". I will be swatching the other two next week :)

I keep finding only one black polish, an old Rimmel black polish which is absolute shit to apply so I will really need to find a new black polish... I did 2 crappy coats of black polish then added 2 coats of "Hot Pot". I sealed the lot with a coat of Megashine. Awesome!! It's a lot more colourful in real life and sparkles like crazy! Woohoo!!

I started using Isadora when I was still in my teens and I've found some of my old leaflets that Isadora used to do for their seasonal collections :) I need to find my earlier ones now!

I really wish that Isadora would enter the UK market perhaps through one of the online beauty retailers!

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