Sunday, 27 June 2010

NOTD: New York Color "Spring Street"

Finally managed to do my nails for the first time in over a week! Please excuse the dark streaks - Nubar Nu Nail is not a good base coat, it creates streaks in ALL polishes I've ever worn over it. However, as I am cat sitting at the moment and it's all I've got, it will have to do! :)

This is 2 coats of "Spring Street", a nice reddish orange from bargainstastic brand NYC. I slapped on some MegaShine and got some free micro-glitter particles from last time it was used... Oh well :)

I sat outside knitting for some of the afternoon enjoying a rare day of sunshine and hot weather. I also did loads of sewing today as well so I've got a sore back, so I am off to have a nice sooting bubblebath. The cat is in a huff with me however as I wouldn't let her jump up in my lap while I was sewing, so best give her some of that crunch cat food before I go off! See ya soon!

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jaljen said...

That's a jolly colour.