Wednesday, 9 June 2010

NOTD: Nails Inc "Aspen" and some other stuff!

Today I've got an old fave of mine on - the naughty red shimmer "Aspen" from Nails Inc. I am on my second bottle of this Holy Grail of red nail polishes! The photo here doesn't do this glowy, showy, sexy polish justice. With the butter-smooth Nails Inc formula this is a Top Ten of All Time nail polish for me! This is 2 coats with a slick of MegaShine.

Also I have fallen in love with Lola by Marc Jacobs. I finally had so many Boots Reward Card points, I got myself a bottle after spraying this lovely mist on myself for ages during meanders at lunch time... Look at that curvaceous bottle! I am not a perfume connoiseur so I won't pretend I know how to describe this scent, but I loooooove Lola! :)

And finally a huge thank you to everyone who has commented recently, I love reading your comments and I am sorry I rarely have something witty or wise to reply with!! :)

As a distraction from the football World Cup starting tomorrow, I've gone for a full beauty overhaul so I've got some reviews coming up later this week, including faux tan, tinted moisturisers comparison and some new Minx products, so stick around! :)

See ya soon, lovies!


jaljen said...

I really must get Aspen soon. I've been wanting it for ages.

The WC starts tomorrow?
I don't know enough swear words to express my horror. Is it treason to hope that we don't go through the first round - or whatever the hell it's called....

Lina-Elvira said...

Jaljen - Aspen is lovelier than my photo shows, I cannot wait to get back to my own house with decent light.
I also cannot wait until the football is over, really not into that sort of thing. You won't be seeing any flag manicures on this blog! :)

Cali369 said...

Ooooh, nice. I have aspen in my untrieds, looks really lovely on you though I'm worried it might be too warm for my pink toned skin - only one way to find out!

Not excited about the WC either although I might end up watching a few - the pub opposite my study window is now completly draped in Union flags!