Thursday, 24 June 2010

Quickies Nail Vanish Remover Pads

Hey kidz, I've been rather busy lately but thought I'd pop in to tell you about a rediscovery while I played around with the new Template Designer on Blogger!

I am house/cat sitting at my in-laws until next Tuesday so I have a little tub of Quickies nail polish remover wipes for removing my Nubar Nu Nail nail strengthener and I realised why I always used to use these! They smell strongly of naff 80s perfume, but they remove even several layers of glitter (I dabbled with cool-in-bottle-but-crap-on-nail Revlon "Banana Blaze" yellow glitter on one of my nails). They feel slightly greasy as they are very moisturising. These are ideal in your holiday bag / handbag for on the move nail polish removing as they are moist but not drippy-droppy! :) I used to only use these instead of cotton and remover, and I may just need to go back to these. permanently..

Quickies come in a tub of 20 wipes, I usually use 2 for all ten nails. You can get these for £1.79 a tub in Superdrug and sometimes they do the miniature version of them (also come in a pack of 20 wipes), which are even more ideal for your handbag!


Cali369 said...

oh yes, the smell - instantly takes me back to being a teenager. And how do they make them so oily feeling and why is there no remover that has the same consistency?! I'll have to try them on glitter.

Rachel said...

The new template designer is great, isn't it?!