Wednesday 5 May 2010

NOTD: No7 "Beanie" and some exciting news!

Hello there! Got a little comparison today for you, No7 "Beanie" which is touted as a kind of dupe for Chanel "Particuliere". "Particuliere" is the on my ring finger. I hate to spoil it for everyone but... it's not. But "Beanie" is close, and still nice! "Beanie" was a streaky mess at one coat, "Particuliere" was opaque buttery smoothness. This is 2 coats of both. And "Beanie" is a lot darker and greyer that the Chanel. The formula on "Beanie" suffers a bit from 3-free syndrome, gloopy but thin. "Particuliere" certainly shows why I paid £15 for it!!

Anyway, today was another mega-exciting day as Topshop FINALLY released their makeup collection! I got a 3 nail polishes (Sunset, Carry on camping, Copper Coated), the Matte Top Coat, khol pen in "Petrol", Skin Tint in "Light" and Lip and Cheek tint in Berry Bitten. They should be here tomorrow, so look forward to excited photos and swatches over the weekend!


Zeke said...

There you go with poop on your fingers again.. silly woman!

Lina-Elvira said...

Zeke - it's muchos fashionable you know :) I'll have some green for you soon enough although the mail man didn't deliver my Topshop makeup yet!!