Sunday 18 January 2009

NOTD: Sally Girl "Rave"

I finished the mammoth task of sorting my stash today, and everything is now catalogued in an Excel file :) In doing so, I came across this little nail polish and immidiately knew I HAD to put it on. My "Supernova Blue" frankenpolish was chipped from all my cleaning today anyway, so I had to change my mani for work tomorrow anyway.

Sally Girl I came across at the counter in Sally's. They come in tiny little bottles that cost me £1.50 each. Bargain! I got 4, this neon pink called "Rave", a darker neon pink called "Back Off", a navy called "Mean Streak" and a Zoya "Shivon" look-alike called "Glam". I loved this pink the best, I haven't tried the others yet. They all look good on the nail wheels though.

"Rave" is a vivid neon pink that dries matte. You can wear it matte, which is kind of cool, or you can slap on some Seche Vite/Poshe top coat and watch the pinkness burn your retinas out 8-)

It's streaky to apply if you don't do it right, as it dries so fast. Go from one side of the nail to the next in even strokes for best result. I had to put on 3 coats for the even colour I wanted, and the bottle is so tiny that I probably would only get 3-4 applications from this at the most. All my Sally Girl polishes are heavily separated in the bottle after standing around, but this can be cured with a good shake! Fun if you like the colours in the range, but I wonder how economic it is to buy this when I can get a full size 12ml bottle of Rimmel polish for £2.99?..


D.B. said...


Sally's has wonderful bargains, but I've never tried the Sally Girl brand. Real cute!

Lina-Elvira said...

It is cute isn't it? :) Feeling in a spring mood and I am loving the neons at the moment. This colour makes me feel playful!

Anonymous said...

Where i can buy it in canada? The^pink neon?