Friday 2 January 2009

NOTD: Isadora "Mulberry Wine" and L'Oreal Star Magnet "Red"

I was disappointed with Isadora's "Spellbound Black" but "Mulberry Wine" is nicer. Still a bit too dark for me but really nice deep wine colour. But it's a PITA to apply, gloopy and bloody impossible to get right. I will have to add a couple of drops of Seche thinner to it and see. I have acquired a bottle of L'Oreals fabled magnetic polish and must say - its better than the expensive Lancome one and comes in six colours :) This is the red one. It applies like a dream and the magnet bottle top is much better thought out than the Lancome one.

Also I would like to share a photo of my ginger bread house I made this Xmas :)

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