Tuesday 13 January 2009

NOTD - China Glaze "Cherish"

I currently have an obsession with Agatha Christie's Poirot :) They are re-running the whole god-knows how many series on TV every night. Awesome!
Anyway onto my NOTD, "Cherish". I like this minty green metallic, but I think it might have needed a bit more depth to it. I am in two minds whether to change it today to it's sister polish "Adore", but there is no tip wear from my day at work so probably shouldn't... I might...
It is ok to apply, perhaps a bit too streaky if you are not careful in applying it. I had huge problems in photographing it however! It somehow refracts the light so I can get it sharp but whitish or blurry and true colour :( This is the best colour representation I got.

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