Monday 15 September 2008

Why Ugg Boots Are A Woman's Best Friend

Who can you call on when your feet are cold because you are too cheap to turn on the heating in your house? Who makes a really long shopping trip seem effortless and enjoyable no matter the weather? Who looks really ugly and makes your S-O sigh and wish you didn't love them so much and wore them all the time? Who, but the mighty "Ugg" boot.

I discovered these gems last year, when I at bonus pay time at my new job decided to splash out on a genuine pair of Rum Raisin Ugg Short boots. I wore them all-the-time. They have now worn so badly on the sole I have had to investigate the prospect of getting a new pair of boots. This time I decided that perhaps another company made same sort of boot with a better, sturdier sole? That is how I found Emu Australia. I bought the Stinger Hi in black, and dearie me, it is the boot of my dreams!! Compared to the Ugg boots, these come with a nice rubber outsole, which is what cinched it for me. The Ugg soles are too flimsy (they were originally meant to be worn indoors). The shaft of the boot is also slightly leg shaped which fits nicely over my rather curvaceous calves. I would order your normal size in these boots; I am a 5, but I had UK size 4 Ugg boots as UK5s were too big, but these are a UK size 5 and I couldn't have fitted into a UK4. Bear in mind also that only the Stinger range of Emu Australia is the same sort of inside-out sheepskin as the Ugg boot and they retail for a bit less than the Ugg boots. The Bronte is only sheepskin lined and costs a fraction of the price of the sheepskin boots. I sprayed my boots with suede water-repellent spray to keep them nice and waterproof-ish. Doing this will slightly darken your boots but since mine were black this doesn't matter. It makes them last a lot longer though!

5 Rules for Ugg Boot TLC

1) Always waterproof your boots BEFORE you wear them!

2) Wear socks, this is for keeping them smelling ok for longer, and it kinda looks cool if knee-high socks stick out of the top of them

3) DON'T put them on when its raining, you will cry when they go hard and patchy...

4) Wear with EVERYTHING but make sure you don't wear them on a night out, red wine stains is NOT a good look..

5) Love them forever!

My S-O will once again sigh and wish I had stilettos on, but hey, you know what, if he wants stilettos, he can buy them for me :)

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