Monday 22 September 2008

Review - Bourjois Brush Foundation

I have always shunned the built-in-brush foundations. I was convinced it wouldn't work. Too much product and then trying to work it all in.. Being used to separate brush and blob of foundation on the back of your hand, I was not convinced this modern invention would work very well.

I was wrong.

I have fallen in love with Bourjois Brush Foundation. I tried it in the shop and decided I would buy it. It was pricey (£12) but I thought oh well, could be good, the shade suited my paler autumn face just brilliantly. You will need about 4 clicks of the pump mechanism for your whole face depending on your preferred coverage. The brush is stiff enough to give a good work in and tapered to a edge to lend precision around the nose etc. There are colours to suit most British complexions, but I am the 3rd darkest shade, and I am not particulary tanned at the moment, which means this range does not cater for dark skin tones. But it is amazingly easy to use. I have shelved my old stuff already and getting stuck in with this :) I will post some pictures later on today.

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