Tuesday 16 September 2008

Stash Organising!

Following the lead of queens of nail polish Scrangie and The Polish Addict, I have been compelled to organise my nail polish stash. I have been slacking off lately however and have yet to add some of my newer purchases to the swatching wheels. But I scanned all the wheels in today, 17 in total with 18 nails on each. I have yet to count up just how many polishes there are, but extrapolating from my previous total and adding on the new purchases I think there will be around 200 polishes. Most are pink, blue and green; the more sparkly and bright, the better. Most are also weird country-specific brands, not the usual OPI and China Glaze. Many are discontinued lines, and hence I suppose kind of one-of-a-kind now. Anyway, I though I would share my green wheel. I will put on the exact brands and names in another post, as I forgot my Excel file AND my jam and peanut butter sandwich at home this morning :(

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