Friday 26 September 2008

Review - Tend Skin Liquid PART 1

I have been suffering from ingrown hairs since I started epilating. Some people say epilators make them worse, but I swapped to waxing and they are still really bad. My theory is that any means that pull hair out I think will cause them. Anyway, I decided to try Tend Skin Liquid which claims to make ingrown hairs and nasty shaving bumps disappear. It isn't cheap, it retails for about £12 a bottle of 118ml, so it better be good, I thought.
When I first opened the bottle, OMG, the smell.. :( It is hideous. No, really, it is. It has a pungent vinegar-y medical smell, almost like a worse version of Salubrin (it's Swedish cure-all liquid that you were tortured with as a kid for everything from midge bites to sunburn). It stings a tiny bit in any open, sore ingrown hair bits (if you have them you will know that its almost impossible not to pick at them). The smell faded away a bit once the liquid has dried on. But sitting at my desk in the office, I could still smell it vaguely on my skin 5 hours later. After 2 applications, the red bumps have faded down from in your face angry to more pink, so here is hoping that a week of this will remove them :) I will keep you updated on how this have worked in a weeks time!

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