Friday 29 December 2017

REVIEW: L'Oreal Age Perfect Anti Ageing Radiant Foundation

So I am not really in the 'mature' skin bracket just yet, however I thought this foundation sounded like it would do what I want right now; "Gives the look of firmer, smoother, brighter skin. Blurs fine lines and imperfections. Medium to full coverage". Right on! Gotta get me some of that. There aren't really any reviews out there, and the ones on the Boots website are mostly collected as part of a promotion, so I was flying blind with this one.

I used my oil-free Smashbox primer on the left side, and no primer on the other. I used my Zoeva 102 Silk Finish brush to apply. I also ended up trying to pat it down with my Beauty Blender in desperation of the finished look... I am usually the shade 'Rose Beige' in L'Oreal's foundations in the wintertime, and it looks like that's a good fit for me still. The formula is rather thick, but to be expected for a foundation boasting medium to full coverage.

So. Once I'd applied it, I looked in the mirror and realised I instantly looked 10 years... OLDER!!! WTF... This foundation emphasizes every pore and every fine line on my face, and it even made the skin between my eyebrows look massively wrinkly. I don't mean it showed fine lines, I mean, wrinkly. It also grabs onto and emphasizes any little bits of dryness. It sets to a semi-matte, not dewy, finish which wasn't what I was expecting. There is definitely no hint of the 'radiant' part of the name of this foundation.

It is certainly medium to full coverage, and definitely buildable. It feels lightweight on the skin for a full coverage foundation, and isn't sticky etc. But I can't hack the awful finish - I look OLD when I was hoping for the opposite!! My Husband aptly said; "I think it accentuates the texture of the skin", which is the opposite of the claim made of 'blurring fine lines and imperfections'. It's also a nice way of him saying I look like I have elephant hide on my face... #besthusbandever

After about 7hrs it still looked the same on both sides (primed vs. un-primed), so I guess it is at least long-wearing?

Mucho disappointed, L'Oreal. I wouldn't recommend spending the RRP of £12.99 on this, unless you fancy looking well past your prime 🤔 Nil points, L'Oreal.

Jikes look at those PORES :O I didn't even know I had a smile crease...

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