Wednesday, 27 December 2017

REVIEW: 2017 Advent Calendar from H&M

Days 10  to 18

Days 19 to 24
So Xmas is over, boo, and no more advent calendar action :( But this year's calendar was a real treat!! As discussed in an earlier post, I bought the H&M nail polish calendar. This hadn't really been advertised anywhere, I am guessing they didn't send it out to lots of bloggers for review... But when I saw it on their website, I knew I had to have it!

I wasn't disappointed! Out of 24 doors (it's Swedish, we celebrate on Xmas eve!), only 3 were meh (7, 18 and 21). I wasn't super excited about the nudes but they are great nudes in terms of coverage and colour, it's just not my 'thing'. I like a colourful nail, in case you didn't know 😉

The formula is the new formula of H&M nail polish, which I absolutely love - smooth and opaque. The polishes are also 3 free, which is important for me at the moment (since I'm pregnant). These are small, half the size of the regular bottles. But the range of colours and finishes is amazing - the only thing there wasn't was a matte and a textured polish but I am not sure the regular range do these anyway?.. There is even a holo in here (scattered, but still holo!).

For the price of £35 I thoroughly enjoyed this, and will continue to enjoy it through the year 😁 Hats off to H&M for a well thought out advent offering this year!

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