Monday, 11 December 2017

Advent calendar update!

I love Day 11 - it's called "Alexandrite"!
Yeah, time is flying past at the moment... Even forgotten to do any posts in December so far. BUT I got myself an advent calendar from H&M, and it's so far pretty damn awesome!

Today I opened the little door and was like "*%$# it!! I should have done my nails today, not yesterday!!" because today's colour is an absolute stunner! I've completely forgotten to do my NOTD's from this calendar (ooops) but you can see today's one in the background, it's H&M "Spiced Plum".

So far in this calendar there is only one real dud apart from the nudes, I'm over my nudes phase. Don't get me wrong the nudes are all great if you like a nude colour, they are butter smooth and opaque, but I'm needing a bit more colour in my life than nudes.

Thinking Day 2, 6 and 11 are my favourites so far!
All the colours I've swatched so far are great in two coats (apart from Day 7's glitter one which is crap but maybe it's supposed to be a top coat?..). The formula is all I'd expect from the new range of H&M's nail polishes (search my blog for H&M reviews) i.e. excellent! The only problem I have with this calendar is that I am too lazy to do a new NOTD every day to actually do it justice... I work for a living. Don't judge me!!

It was £35 quid. Considering each bottle is a small 4ml (half the size of the full size bottles) it's slightly pricey, but for me, it's really worth it for the variety and excitement. I am really loving this calendar, can't wait to open the rest of the doors!! 😎

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