Monday, 25 December 2017

MERRY XMAS + best xmas gift ever?

If you're wondering why the last few months have been rather quiet on the blog, it's mainly because of that... We're expecting our first baby! If you are already a mum (or indeed a dad) you may know that the first few months of pregnancy can be rather ugh, and you're too tired to even think. Mix that with working full time and trying to get a new house in order, you know there is no spare time when you are not sleeping...

We found out that we were pregnant a couple of weeks after we had moved into our new house - some housewarming present!! I've not been very unwell or anything save for the first few weeks when I had skyhigh blood pressure. Other than that I've just been mega-tired. But now at 18wks preggers the fatigue seems to finally be going away :)

So here is to a 2018 of regular blogging and maybe mixing things up a bit with more 'lifestyle' things like I'd hoped last year. Maybe even some pregnancy beauty, who knows?? :)



Cali369 said...

OMG - congratulations to you both and good luck with the pregnancy!

Lina-Elvira said...

Thank you - it's rather exciting and scary ay the same time!