Sunday 3 July 2016

NOTD: Collection Cosmetics 2 Step Solar Shine "Sunset Pink"

After I did my first run with this no-UV light polish I just needed this shade. And for the price, c'mon, it's a no-brainer :) And I bought this in Asda for even less than RRP...

I forgot to take a photo on the first day so this is day 3, oops :) Looks great still though, right??

This shade for some reason wasn't as easy to apply as "Biarritz"! It is very neon pink however, I think the bright pigments are a bit more unwieldy. But this is 2 coats, so it was definitely opaque. Just took a bit more work to get right. I did a matching pedicure and it's still looking flawless.

This lasted 5 days before I had my first big chip and of course I had to take it off (eeek, chipped nails make me so anxious). And worse, I forgot to take a photo before I took it off, grrr!!!!

It is an eye-catching, super-bright summer colour, and it looks amazing on tanned skin! :) I am so pleased with these, I will probably get the nudey-mauve one too for autumn!

Love you, Collection Cosmetics!! 😘

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