Thursday 7 July 2016

REVIEW: Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster

So when I was seriously pale and the summer just wasn't happening a couple of months back, I bought something no one seems to be writing about? It is a 'made to measure' self tanning for your face (can get a version for the body too apparently). It was rather hyped when it was first released but there are not really any reviews other than sponsored posts. So here is a proper review!

Let me say this is not a traditional self tanner and it will not give you a dark tan. It produces a natural, golden glow as opposed to a tan. It is a gradual tanner, and a light one at that. But use this a few times a week at night, and you start to look more alive pretty quickly!

The instruction is to use 3 drops in your normal moisturiser, I used it in a night cream from Botanics. I've hardly made a dent in the bottle after using it 3-4 nights a week for over a month! You basically put your moisturiser in your palm, drop on the product and mix thoroughly. Then just smooth it ooooon...

It does have that tell-tale cookie smell though as it's developing, but maybe I am the only one that can smell it because it's on my face?.. It didn't break me out at all which was excellent. It doesn't wear off in patches either. And it never makes you orange, just makes you look a bit more glowy! Will definitely use this again come winter! :)

Negatives? I forgot to wash my hands one night after putting it on and woke up to a brown palm... :(

Oh and the price. I had £5 gift card and it was on a 10% off in Debenhams when I bought it, but RRP for this tiny 15ml bottle is a whopping £19!

UPDATE: Cali over at Polishtopia has advised of a Marks & Spencer dupe - Autograph Self Tan Glow Booster Serum - I shall be checking it out! :)


Cali369 said...

I love this - bought last year and tend to use more in Summer, obvs. Since discovered that the Clarins 'body' version seems to have same ingredients and work exactly the same and is much cheaper per ml. Have now also bought the M&S dupe which is also cheaper but haven't tried it yet.

Lina-Elvira said...

There is an M&S dupe??? Plz keep me updated on how it works out! :D