Saturday 16 July 2016

REVIEW: MUA Luxe Power Brow Long Wear Sculpting Brow Gel


So there's no stopping the power brow trend. And I'm totally OK with that! The little beauties are basically drugstore copies of the newly launched Benefit Ka-Brow. Love the Ka-Brow but I am all for finding affordable alternatives!

I love how these come with the little brushes in the lid just like the Benefit one. I love the NYX Eyebrow Gel but it doesn't come with a brush (I use an angled eyeliner brush from Makeup Revolution, no E104, with it). I can't claim to actually know how to 'sculpt a brow' using any gel so I had to YouTube some tips. I liked this video from YouTuber Kayla Hagey. Also loving her lip colour :)

Just like the Benefit Ka-Brow and NYX Eyebrow Gel, this is not for a natural brow. I suggest a pencil and setting gel for that. This is for a more dramatic brow, for when you have a full face on!

This is definitely wholly waterproof - tested it on a site visit in the pouring rain. This is very long-wearing. VERY long-wearing. No seriously. VERY. To remove, I used some Shu Uemura cleansing oil neat on the eyebrow, waited a few seconds then wiped off with a Garnier Micellar wipe. This won't wash off with face wash, don't be fooled! Be gentle on the brow, melt the product with something greasy before you try a makeup remover wipe. For goodness sake don't tug or rub! I also found the Garnier Oil-Infused Micellar water was effective if you let the soaked cotton pad rest on the brow for a few seconds before you wipe (the normal Micellar from Garnier wasn't as effective).

I bought two shades, because, for the price (£4) you can so do that. I chose the shades "Mid Brown" and "Chestnut". "Chestnut" is like a more warm version of NYX Eyebrow Gel in "Chocolate" (far right in the photo below). "Mid Brown" is difficult to describe, almost like a warm blonde colour. Neither shade matches me perfectly, but they both work for me and give slightly different looks.

L to R: MUA "Chestnut" and "Mid Brown", NYX "Chocolate"
I would only wear these occasionally because they are likely to be slightly drying due to their nature. But for a killer power brow, these are da bomb! :) So well done MUA!

You can get these in Superdrug or MUA's own store online and they are RRP £4 each.

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