Wednesday 13 July 2016

REVIEW: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream "Ibiza"

I picked this up during my ginormous NYX haul the other week. NYX has an insane amount of lip products and it's seriously hard to choose. Somehow this was the first Lip Cream that caught my attention and it went home with me!

"Ibiza" is a vivacious bright, warm pinky-coral. I love a bright lip in the summer so that's why I was attracted to this. Unfortunately it has the dreaded fake vanilla smell that is so popular right now in these types of lip products and that I loathe.

Maybe I expected it to be a liquid lipstick when it's actually more like a matte lip gloss? My only disappointment is that it is not transfer-proof. It goes on very nice and opaque, no patchiness. And it feels soft and comfortable on your lips, didn't dry them out at all and has a lovely velvety look instead of the unflattering flat matte (I guess that's why it's called 'soft matte'). It redistributes nicely if you have had a coffee without having to top up the colour. And you won't need industrial solvents to remove this either, like most liquid lipsticks...

I did have to reapply this after having my morning breakfast biccies and coffee. And it was nowhere to be seen after lunch. But it's easy to reapply even without a mirror so not a deal breaker.

However after having tried the Lip Lingerie liquid lipsticks I'm now very fussy about transfer-proof lips; I think that NYX should make this exact colour in the Lip Lingerie formula. I'd buy 6 of them straight away!!

This is a great statement lip for those days when I have time to reapply but I wish it was more transfer-proof. However with the vast array of colours to choose from, you're bound to find something you love and you can overlook reapplication!

But please, could everyone please stop using that horrible scent in lip products!?

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