Tuesday 28 June 2016

HAUL: Lots and lots of stuff from NYX!

When my Boots opened a gigantic NYX section last week, today's lunchtime destination was clear (after I bought a cover for our new BBQ in Argos...). I'd saved up lots of Boots points for this type of gratuitous random splurge, so what did I get??

I had heard some good things about the Micro Brow Pencil so that was my first purchase. I picked 'Ash Brown' over 'Taupe'. I must be a secret Cara Delevigne wannabe... It is perhaps that smidge too dark, but I think I would feel 'Taupe' was too light. Then I was like 'hey Eyebrow Gel, this looks awesome'. So I bought a tube in the shade 'Chocolate'! One can never have enough eyebrow products. No really. One can't.

Then I saw the Jumbo Eye Pencils... I was going to get them all but didn't think that would be rational. So I went for the one I've wanted since forever - 'Rocky Mountain Green'! It's a vivid metallic grass green - totally amazing! I thought it might be similar to the Barry M Eyeshadow Pencil 'No 3 Green' but it's not even close.

I then ended up foolishly in the vast selection of lip products. I swatches several but it was the Soft Matte Lip Cream in 'Ibiza' that made it to the till with me! What a scorcher! :) I secretly hope it will be as good as my Collection Creme Puff Lip Cream...

On a whim I picked up the Wonder Pencil. Sadly there was no testers so I ended up with the rather ghostly 'Light' when I should have gone for 'Medium'. It will go to a good, paleface home later in the month while I replace it with a darker shade.

I also definitely needed the Liquid Illuminator in 'Gleam'. Because clearly I need more highlighting products... :( But the swatch is awesome and I think I will like this one. It's a bit glittery but that doesn't matter - it looks amazing on the face!

FYI - I had just swatched the new Benefit Ka-Brow before hitting the NYX shelves so I can tell you that the below are dupes in terms of colour (but different texture):
Benefit Ka-Brow in '3' = NYX Eyebrow Gel in 'Chocolate'
Benefit Ka-Brow in '2' = NYX Eyebrow Gel in 'Blonde'

So look out for detailed reviews of the above once I've tried and tested it all! :D


Maddy B said...

Was great to serve you when yoy visited our new NYX, love the blog and can't wait for the reviews! X

Lina-Elvira said...

Thanks! Always great to see enthusiastic brand people ie that may be as makeup crazy as me :) I may already have gone back the other day for Lip Lingerie haha - I'm sure you will see me skulking the aisles like Gollum frequently :)