Sunday 19 June 2016

REVIEW: Collection 2 step Solar Shine Gel nail polish

I saw this new line advertised and of course, it being Collection Cosmetics, I had to try. It's the usual 'gel without the UV light' sales pitch. I don't expect to get 10 day wear from anything other than actual gel polish, but I am up for trying anything! :)

I toiled over the colour choices. The colours are basically split into two groups - neutrals and bright colours. I really wanted to try the bright pink "Sunset Pink" but then I thought, no, lets go dark, so chips and such can really be tested!!

So I chose the vampy burgundy "Biarritz" instead. I also bought the matching top coat, to make it a proper review. Both products are RRP £3.99, so indeed rather affordable. I did 2 coats of the colour and then 1 coat of the top coat. Drying time wasn't too long, and the formula was a breeze to paint on. Then came the hard part - wearing the same manicure for 7 days...

After 7 whole days of wear
And check the before and after - there is very little tip wear after 7 days. And I was not kind to this manicure. I did a bunch of proper cleaning, some gardening and a lot of typing and crafting.

I am always nervous when it tells you not to put on a base coat. Especially for this kind of intensely dark shade... I anxiously wiped my nail with my trusty acetone remover. The polish comes off as easy as any old creme formula, and there was absolutely zero staining!

This is a 5 out of 5 stars for me - I will be hoofing it to Boots to get the pink tomorrow for my late summer holidays!! :)

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