Saturday 11 June 2016

REVIEW: Benefit Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil

Unlikely to be any beauty blogger out there who isn't excited about the new eyebrow product launches from Benefit!? :) This month's Elle UK magazine came with a free sample of this new pencil so of course I needed to try.

The pencil is drop-shaped with the intention that you can fill in and shape the brow easily. I found the pencil needed to warm up before it started issuing colour; I just hold it again my wrist for a few seconds so no biggie. It's almost like it's just a pigment, not a pencil?.. I fill in the brow then used my Avon brow brush (seriously best brow tool ever) to soften it, then put Benefit GimmeBrow on top!

So what's the verdict? Awesomeness! :) The colour I got is "2" so I think it actually fits me perfectly. The wear is spot on - as it's some kind of weird long lasting pigment my brows were superb all day. Works really well with GimmeBrow, which is my fave old eyebrow gel.

So I will be hoofing it to the Benefit counter on the 24th June, who's with me??

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