Saturday 16 May 2015

What's in my travel bag??

I am going away for a training course over night so I was packing all my stuff. It gets bulky when you're needing to pack Personal Protective Equipment (hard hat, waterproofs, hi viz stuff, boots etc) as well as your 'essentials' so other than PPE, I pack light. I thought you might want to see my super-minimal makeup kit and washbag!  And believe me, it is minimal! The background to the below photo is my awesome Craghoppers pink fleece - my husband says it scares away the wildlife :)

I just love the Aussie 2-in-1 shampoo, it's nourishing but light effect is just what tired travel hair needs. I am showing you the actual bottle because it looks nice in the photo but I decant the shampoo into a small travel bottle for bringing with me. My fine hair is still great the next day so I just do a squirt of dry shampoo, I swear by Batiste Dry Shampoo. I went for 'Cherry' the last time I bought it, normally I'm a 'Tropical' kinda gal :) I have gotten various miniature shower gels from The Body Shop from friends over the years and I keep refilling them with whatever shower gel I am currently using. This one oddly is actually what it says on the bottle; Papaya. I use whatever mini toothpastes I find in the house, as Husband travels a lot in his job too, he usually buys them. This is some kind of weird liquid-y Theramed. I have been using Superdrug's travel toothbrushes for as long as I can remember, they work great and store beautifully compact without sogginess. I use Nivea Soft cream as it can be used everywhere and is nice and light! I prefer a deodorant with some oomph when I am travelling so usually have these mini spray ones. This one is Sure Crystal. I apologise but it appears I left Simple Moisturising Face Wash out of the photo - it's safely in my wash kit now!

What about makeup? Well, I don't need much really. Because my skin is good (minimal crow's feet and some redness) I don't feel I need an arsenal of stuff but of course that's a personal preference. I have opted for my luxury trial size bareMinerals Bare Skin Serum Foundation, it has such a nice natural coverage and it applies well with just my fingers. Of course, I always pack my mighty Collection Lasting Concealer. And since I have two trial size Benefit Rollerlash I decided that was coming. And of course, you *need* a long-wear, nude eye shadow, so I packed my fave Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoo, this is in the shade 'Pink Gold'. And you should never be without a good lip balm, ever, so I pack a Burt's Bees Original wherever I go! And that's it. Do you travel this light, or lighter? Or are you an oversized luggage traveller?

And of course, for any travel you need a hot manicure. So I did Essie 'Chastity' which I got from my Mother. It's like a cooler pink version of my all-time fave Essie pink, 'Lovie Dovie'. This is 2 coats and Seche Vite top coat. I love how it pops, and it's so super-shiney! :) I did get a little 'thin' patch on my pinkie from not waiting for the base coat to dry but the formula on this is great!

Oh and last but not least, has anyone tried this palette from Sleek?? I spotted it today and wanted it, but I am not very adventurous with eye shadow nowadays so it would just be a waste of money. But it looks so lush! :) I found that ReallyRee has a good review with nice swatches!

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