Thursday 21 May 2015

GUEST POST: African Black Soap!

This is another guest post from my bestie Zombiebunny, who has clearly reached her ultimate stage of Goth by using only black soap! :) African black soap is touted as a 'wonder product' and contains ash from plantain and cocoa pods as well as large amounts of shea butter. This is what Zombiebunny has to say about it:

Liquid soap on the left, bar soap on the right (it's actually black!)
I have combination skin and I have been using African black soap (from Shea Terra Organics) for a period of time now to cleanse it. I have tried both the liquid soap with Rose Hip oil and the bar. They both smell earthy and natural and really cleanse your skin thoroughly. It makes it squeaky clean and soft, but also a bit dry in places. Especially if left on for a while as a facial mask as recommended. I stopped leaving it on and my skin stopped drying out.

Before I started using the soap I had the occasional acne break out and when I first started using the soap it got a bit worse, but that was to be expected as it draws out all the crap in your skin. I still get my mild hormonal acne during certain times of the month, but the other break outs are all but gone. Within two weeks of using the soap the initial break outs disappeared and my skin looked and felt cleaner and softer. It really feels deep pore cleansing.

I don't think I would recommend African black soap to anyone with dry to very dry skin, as it would probably only dry it out more. Whatever skin type you have you should use a good moisturizer after washing with the soap for supersoft skin.

My skin has never felt cleaner or softer - the African black soap has me hooked!

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