Monday 4 May 2015

NOTD: Color Club "Power Play" and some Korean beauty

I am on leave this week so I have some blogging catching up to do! I started off with a bang and went to a BBQ and had my first s'mores! They're a bit weird, nuff said... :)

Anyway I chose a retina-searing manicure to start things off! This isn't as weirdly see-thru as it seems in the photo, it's actually rather opaque in real life. I think the neon colour is throwing off the camera! I did 2 coats here, it dries matte as most neons do so I slicked on some Seche Vite. I just love how purple this is! I love Color Club and think it's a shame it's not sold in the UK in one of the bigger drugstores.

I am currently on my third try of the famed Korean 'sleeping pack' trend! I think my skin looks rather radiant the next morning but the effect only lasts for a day or so. It's supposedly very potent stuff in the mask and you shouldn't use it every night, so it's not a replacement for you night cream! Most makers of these 'sleeping packs' advocate only using it 1-2 times a week. The Koreans are big on samples; I tend to buy sample packs as they are very cheap so there's no big loss if I don't like the product. I got the Tony Moly Intense Care Dual Effect Sleeping Pack this time. It is a kind of a gel formula, feels and looks a bit like Vaseline and it dries to a slightly tacky layer on your skin (it doesn't come off on clothes/bedding). It doesn't really have a smell which is good. I couldn't tell you what the ingredients are as they're not listed on the samples (if they are, it's in Korean).

This is how they market it:
"Intensive dual effect sleeping mask with skin whitening and anti-aging effect. Arbutin, an effective whitening ingredient, provides intensive brightening and whitening effect. Adenosine, an effective anti-aging ingredient, boost the skin's natural Collagen production. Pomegranate extract revitalize the skin, provides antioxidant and locks in essential nutrients and moisture."

Sounds all very promising, although as Caucasian person I am not really in need of the 'whitening' element I guess. I find it a rather strange experience formula-wise but the result the next morning is good - I just wish it lasted longer!

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