Saturday, 21 February 2015

What's in my drawers?... PALETTES

So I was browsing around YouTube while I was off sick in January looking at videos of people storage solutions, and decided that I needed to tidy up my makeup box. Among other storage for beauty products I have this plastic underbed box which I keep in reasonable order but as time passes one forgets what one has stashed in said box...

It's a lot tidier than it was...
I thought I would show you my stash of everyone's favourite item to collect/hoard/obsess over - the makeup palette.

I tend to only buy palettes that I will use. And that don't cost £35. Therefor you won't see any of the Urban Decay, Too Faced or Smashbox palettes here!

I start off with my favourite one, one I have never used... It's just so beautiful I just usually take it out and look at it :) I doubt any of the colours would suit me, but it just looks so gorgeous :)

Boots Seventeen "Vintage Love" Eye Shadow Palette
To follow on a pastel theme, here is a palette from No7 from a couple of years back, again I am not sure the colours suit me but I have worn this a few times in the summer with a tan.

No7 "Natural Radiance" Eye Shadow Palette
On the flip side of pastels, check out this gothic gem, there are some serious smoky shades here and even though most are too dark for daytime wear I've managed to squeeze a few outings in with this one :)

Seventeen "Glam Rocks" Eye Shadow Palette
So I do have a Stila palette, but this was in the Boots January sales - last one left. It was under a tenner or something ridiculous like that. Some of the shades are very sheer in this palette, I have a review of it here.

Stila "Written in the Stars" Eye Shadow Palette
Now onto the more familiar budget palettes. I have quite a few MUA items, including my favourite eye shadow primer. This is one of their first palettes and it's is a clone of Urban Decay's "Naked" palette. MissBudgetBeauty has a nice comparison on her blog! This one has seen quite a bit of action.

MUA "Undressed" Eye Shadow Palette
And the ever-popular Sleek palettes - this is again one of their first ones. I just love it. It has shimmer throughout (apart from the black) so it is very flattering for older gals like me when you wanna kick things up a notch! :)

Sleek I-Divines "The Original" Eye Shadow Palette
I return to my favourite Swedish brand for this one, it is a very nice collection of matte nudes. This is well-used in the winter time but I find the creamy nudeness is too harsh for my summer complexion. I have a FOTD with them here.

Isadora "Creamy Nudes" Eye Shadow Palette
Strictly not a palette but a trio, this is again Isadora and this time it's baked shadows. These are a dream to blend into a really nice smoky eye and last forever if you use eye shadow primer! As with all baked shadows you can also use these with a damp sponge applicator for a more intense effect.

Isadora "Cool Browns" Trio Eye Shadow
And now some more things that are not strictly palettes...

I really like MUA stuff, this eye brow kit is amazing. Although I am too lazy for a full-on brow for everyday makeup, this kit is great for special occasions. I used it for my wedding :)

MUA Pro Brow Kit "Fair"
I love this kit from Boots No7. I believe it's a Xmas gift I got for Secret Santa. It has 3 shadows, a highlighter fluid, mascara and a shimmery lip gloss. If you travel light but need something to pimp yourself up now and then, this is it! :)

So what is the next palette I am eyeing up you ask? Well that's got to be the MUA "Winter Forest Matte" Eye Shadow Palette...
Or perhaps the Real Techniques 'Night Owl' Makeup Kit??

That's all folks, I will return with more "What's in my drawers?..." soon - there is lots to see! :)

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