Saturday, 7 February 2015

VINTAGE VALENTINE'S: H&M Steel Essential "No 42"

I am loving looking out and using some of my old vintage polishes! :) Unfortunately my hands are suffering from winter syndrome again and I have a large cuticle issue so please excuse the messy cuticles. Cuticle oils do nothing - I'm longing for summer!

A lot of high street retailers have sold their own makeup at one point and H&M still do! I bought this when I was rather young and think it might be from the mid-90s. I have a few from the same era, all quite unique colours just like this one. They were the start of my now gigantic nail polish collection! I remember my original collection fitted in a small cloth bag and it traveled like that from Sweden to Scotland in 1999 (nowadays I would always pack them individually!).

"No 42" is a cornflower blue jelly, it is the only colour like this I have in my rather sizeable collection. This is 3 coats, carefully dried in between coats as it's prone to bald patches. I think it is definitely holding up despite it's age; it's still very fluid, hasn't separated and applies well! :)

Happy Factor 
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Cali369 said...

Oh wow, I've never seen H&M polishes that old. Great colour too.