Wednesday, 11 February 2015

VINTAGE VALENTINE'S: Rimmel Play Fast "Art of Noise"

I love Rimmel polishes generally, have a huge collection of them, but I absolutely adore these Play Fast Rimmels. I am not sure if they were ever sold in the UK; all mine are swaps I have received from across the pond. I have a variety of colours, this is my second favourite - I will show you my favourite later in the month! I did 2 coats here with a coat of Seche Vite to dry it down super-fast as I have some video editing to do. The coverage of the first coat looked very dodgy but with a second coat it turned magically opaque and butter-smooth, super-shimmery finish!

This purple has a glowy fuchsia duochrome, but I need to take a photo of this in daylight to show it off. I think these are now becoming HTF, but there was a time when they were widely available on eBay. I just love these! :) Do you own any of these??

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Cali369 said...

Oooh gorgeous. I've not seen this Rimmel variant before, exciting!