Sunday 20 January 2013

NOTD: Revlon Nail Art French Mix "Over the moon"

So I was cruising for some late January bargains on the Boots website and came across these duo-polishes :D They were £5 just now so I thought why not! These are the same idea as the Andrea Fulerton polishes, as she used to do a flip-flop french, which was the idea behind these duos from Revlon. You couldn't layer these over each other like the Andrea Fulerton one I have reviewed previous. I haven't seen these Revlon polishes in store yet but saying that, my Boots/Superdrugs don't have the new Revlon polishes either.. :(

Tips for using the Revlon French Mix - let each layer dry thoroughly!! Including before you slap on the top coat - I thought it was dry enough but I managed to smear teal polish on the pink while applying top coat... Be careful with application, the pink is a bit gritty with glitter and pools if you are not careful. This is 2 coats of the pink and 2 coats on the tips with the teal. It can be a bit tricky doing your own French tips - I would have liked a different brush type on the teal polish to do the tips maybe? My hands are shaky from the medication I take for asthma so it's not as perfect as I wish it would be. I love the shades together though :)

I also scored a Stila palette for £9, "Written in the stars". It's a cute snowflake shape :) Some of the shades are too light to even show on my ghostly skin but might be useful for darker skins? The formula is probaby best applied with sponge applicator, my EcoTools eye shadow brush took a bit of work. Bargain for £9 though.

L to R:  1 Starlight, 2 Eden, 3 Luna, 4 Sun, 5 Ray, 6 Galaxy, 7 Asteroid, 8 Constellation,
9 Pigalle, 10 Bouquet, 11 Heaven, 12 Ariel


Emma said...

I bought a French Mix in All The Rage which was nothing but a disappointment for me :( thick, gloopy formula on one, thin, sheer on the other and neither dried well at all, also reacted with my topcoat and created a giant bubble which I've never seen before or since with nail polish... complete, utter, nightmare! Yours looks quite pretty though the combo is nice :) I got mine in a big Boots and saw the Revlon Colorstay polishes there too, but that was in Reading and we have only small Boots near me! xxx

Lina-Elvira said...

Oh no sounds horrible :O I consider myself as living in a big city but clearly it's not big enough to even have one stand of new Revlon polishes in the whole town...