Saturday 26 January 2013

NOTD: Vivo Magnetic "Dream On"

I got this awesome polish from my pal for Xmas/Birthday and it rocks. I've got a massively sore mouth after having a stubborn wisdom tooth extracted yesterday so I needed cheering up so I took this out. The brush is crap, so makes a mess, but after I clean up after my shower tomorrow no one will suspect it was this messy :) It applies as a glittery mauve metallic which is pretty in itself, but I was surprised to discover that it changes to a charcoal glitter with mauve metallic magnetic effect after using the magnet :D Wow! I had to photograph the right hand for a change as the left one was left a bit messy after buggering up the top coat on two of the nails and making a weird effect... It does actually look OK in real life but not in a photo.

For magnetic polishes I generally do 2 coats of polish over base coat. I then put speed-dry top coat on one nail at a time then use the magnet - this always seals in a crisp imprint in the speed-dry top coat and adds a beautiful shine :) Do one nail at a time! Beautiful :)

Now for something different. I've used the Dashing Diva French Wrap Plus for clients before but didn't fancy buying a whole new salon pack of 300 tips or so just for my wedding French nails as I seem to do very little Frenchies on clients nowadays (nail art's all the rage!). Buying paracetamol in Superdrug on Thursday before my wisdom tooth extraction I spotted the new Elegant Touch version! And half price at £7.49. Don't mind if I do! :) I will grow my nails out for a couple of weeks then put these through the pre-wedding road test...

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