Sunday 13 January 2013

NOTD: Essie "Vanity Fairest"

So here is what is likely my wedding manicure - a French manicure with Essie "Vanity Fairest"! I used my usual French tip white and 2 coats of "Vanity Fairest". I really need to start using my French tip guides when I'm doing them on myself, this looks a bit wonky... I love the milky sheer shimmer of the polish :) Makes it fresh and not as boring as a traditional French manicure.

I had to whiten my nails before attempting this though and I used Originails Bubblewhite as usual. The trick is to soak them for 5 mins then use a stiff nail brush to get in there and scrub them good. It brightens nails yellowed by dark polish! I try not to do it more than a couple of times a year though as I find it dries my nails a bit.  So now here is what my nails look like 'naked' :)

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