Wednesday 2 January 2013

First NOTD of 2013: Gellux "Rosie Anna"

I for some reason wanted to do a nude gel polish manicure last night... In a moment of madness, I chose Gellux's "Rosie Anna", a nude pink with very secret shimmer. Hmmmm. Let's see how long I can stand it without applying some random nail wraps over it (a gel polish actually works great under nail wraps!)... The Chanel lady in Debenhams seemed to like it a lot but it feels like a 'grandma manicure' for me. I've done it on other ladies and it's looked great, I just don't love it with my skin tone! This is 2 coats of gel polish and base and top coats (I used Gellux's own Base and Top Coat).

I spent the day browsing makeup counters and testing potential wedding makeup products. I am soooooo pale right now and I doubt I will put on any colour before my wedding (23 March) so I am struggling to find some nice foundation colours. The best offerings I had was at the Bobbi Brown counter in John Lewis - apparently they do a 2-part bridal makeup class. I booked myself in - I am all for getting some new 'skillz' for my big day and hopefully finding that elusive perfect foundation colour and finish...

I also found some new stuff - a great looking foundation brush! It's called 'Expert Face Brush' and is by RealTechniques by Samantha Chapman. I can't wait to try it tomorrow :) It gets rave reviews on MUA. Anyway, I'm off to find some cool nail wraps before this gel manicure ruins my mood further.

'Expert Face Brush' - RealTechniques


Rachy G said...

For pale foundation try Bourjois 123 perfect in the palest shade... it's what I've been using to make myself look healthy the last few months and I'm the palest of the pale :)

Lina-Elvira said...

1st one was too pale and 3rd one too weird - and they didn't have the one in between anywhere... The search goes on :)