Thursday 12 April 2012

NOTD: George by ASDA "Gnome" with "Octopus"

I picked these polishes up in ASDA while buying my lunch the other day after getting some pet supplies for my bugs in Pets@Home. The lighter khaki green creme is "Gnome" - love the colour, love the name! But HATE the formula. It's like applying thick, streaky, khaki green Tipp-ex to your nails... Isch.. :-/

I decided to put a layer of "Octopus", the dark khaki green shimmer, over half my nail, which interacted badly with "Gnome", and made a lot of streaky mess. So I had to patch it up with another layer.. Ugh. Super-thick and not fantastic :( And I ruined it further when changing the food branch for the stick insect. And then the cat demanded food and I again nicked it. So it's now come off. And nails are nekkid... I will need to re-try these polishes at some point one their own!

I promised you a photo of Soap & Glory Thick & Fast™ Mascara so here it is. I realise it must have fibres in it?.. It's soooo messy. I got my bareMinerals haul today so I will review at the weekend I hope :D


Emma said...

Ooh someone mentioned Octopus on Twitter the other day, it looks really cool! Good name for it, it looks kinda octopus-like haha :P I hate when that happens, that it goes all gloopy and bleurgh, but you can't actually tell from the photos. :) xxx

Lina-Elvira said...

Yes it was a mess haha! But I think they will be ok on their own.. :)