Wednesday 11 April 2012

REVIEW: Soap & Glory Thick & Fast™ Mascara


I didn't want to hate a Soap & Glory product but I do. I used this for two days until I was sick removing smudges over my face from applying this!! It's impossible not to get this on brows, lids, cheeks, nose etc when you are applying it. The brush is huge, and the wiper mechanism in the neck is too wide for the formula - it is clogged with mascara as it comes out no matter how many times you "pump" it and somehow this goes everywhere including clumping up your actual lashes. My eyes are too small to appreciate this brush - it's just too bulky to reach the corners. Nil points, Soap & Glory :(

I am off sick (AGAIN) with food poisoning/stomach flu so have no strength to photograph the tube but I will do it tomorrow for my NOTD post with some killer new green George by ASDA nail polishes :)

I bought a bareMinerals Flawless Definition mascara with my bareMinerals READY SPF 15 Touch Up Veil so I hope that is better when it arrives - I am suffering at the moment with really sensitive skin so I've had to shelve a lot of my makeup and stuff as it's upsetting my skin. Anyone tried the bareMinerals mascaras, if so, what is your opinion?

Also I am already saving up for the new Paul & Joe collection - check out how gorgeous it is at British Beauty Blogger!

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